Reig Jofre Will invest 30 million euros and will create 100 workplaces in their new plant.

Yesterday, the pharmaceutical company Reig Jofre launched the construction of their new site in Sant Joan Despí, in which they will invest 30 million euros and is to become the largest lyophilized drugs-producing plant in Spain, from which they will export to 70 different countries.

Ignasi Biosca, the company’s managing director, explained that the new lyophilization line will be operational in 2021, once they receive authorization from the FDA and the EMA, and will produce 50 million kg of drugs annually, an increase of almost 300% with respect to the current 17 million kg they currently produce. Biosca elaborated on the fact this increase in production will allow for the company’s growth in regions such as the EE. UU, Indonesia, Korea and Japan, the latter being a country where they already operate and where they currently see their growth restricted for lack of a higher productive capacity.


Reig Jofre will expand, taking the new staff necessary to cater the needs of the new facilities, with an initial recruitment of 20 employees, which will add up to 100 once the new building is working to its full capacity. Reig Jofre already has a workforce of around 1000 employees around the world, of which around 400 work in Catalonia. The company owns two production sites in Toledo, one in Sweden and another one in Sant Joan Despí, which is also the location of their corporate headquarters.


The plant’s expansion consists in the construction of a new building provided with three large freeze-dryers distributed in a space of 2,500 m2, which will result in the plant becoming one of the largest in Europe in this field, besides being the largest in Spain. Ignasi Biosca assured that the new plant will also be used as a platform for the development of the Biotech sector and medical research. “These facilities are a cutting-edge infrastructure regarding production and development of injectables which start-up companies working in the development of new drugs will be able to use in their patient’s clinical trials all around the globe”.


CPQ Ingenieros is working in the construction of the facilities of this new production building.