The TITAN DESERT by Garmin is a race of great features, open to all kinds of bike, sports and sacrifice lovers. It is, above anything else, the race of self-improvement, of the individual challenge. It is a race, a competition. But mostly, and for most, a challenge. The challenge of achieving what many have not been able to. To face the desert, the heat, the distance, in the worst conditions imaginable.


The tour of the tenth edition of the Titan Desert by Garmin, with a starting point in Boumalne Dades (Morocco) on the 27th April and a finishing line in Maadid on the 2nd May, has proved to have some innovations and a special appeal: its 10th anniversary. The 600 participants must complete more than 600 kilometers in extreme conditions, where they will prove their endurance in mountain trails, the bone-driest desert and in the adventure of sailing.

CPQ Ingenieros sponsors a team which most certainly gathers the spirit of the TITAN DESERT race: challenge, sacrifice, self-improvement… all these are part of our life motive.

The vast majority of the participants have returned home with the feeling of having accomplished something big, something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Best of luck.

titandesert 10